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How we work with


We work with you to make it easier to comply with international standards including the Equator Principles, IFC Performance Standard 6 and other regional regulations by providing impartial, research based, surveys and reports.

Our technological innovations (such as DNA profiling) provide you with alternative, improved means of recording and data capture; reducing both the time and money spent on industrial and infrastructure project assessments.

Monitoring services

Design, implementation and operation of multi-taxa monitoring programmes and surveys; marking and wildlife tracking studies.
New technologies

New technologies

Accessing and developing new innovations and technology such as, sequencing, metabarcoding (using environmental DNA to monitor species in the environment), tags for tracking wildlife and the design and creation of IT, web and app based, custom built, data and participation feedback systems to facilitate citizen science.

Capacity building, skills and technology transfer

Collaborate with local organisations to build individual and organisational capacity, training volunteers, students and professionals in wildlife surveying and monitoring.