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How we work with

Conservation Agencies/NGOs

Being a division of the BTO, Combined Ecology can advise on and support your monitoring and research needs. We are global leaders in citizen science and are expert in developing web-based systems to capture and report back on data.

Our scientifically independent and impartial approach allows us to collate and compile data from various sectors and speak authoritatively on various issues.

Monitoring services

Design, implementation and operation of multi-taxa monitoring programmes and surveys; marking and wildlife tracking studies.
New technologies

New technologies

Accessing and developing new innovations and technology such as, sequencing, metabarcoding (using environmental DNA to monitor species in the environment), tags for tracking wildlife and the design and creation of IT, web and app based, custom built, data and participation feedback systems to facilitate citizen science.

International Policy support

Arbitrating issues that cross national boundaries; supporting International Legislative Instruments (e.g. AEWA, CMS) and providing the evidence base upon which policy can be based.

Species population monitoring

Monitoring survival and recruitment to animal populations to identify the impacts on why populations change.
Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Research and reporting on the impacts of renewable energy development on biodiversity.
Methodological development and statistics

Methodological development and statistics

Offering methodological and statistical approaches to impact assessments and ecological issues.

Capacity building, skills and technology transfer

Collaborate with local organisations to build individual and organisational capacity, training volunteers, students and professionals in wildlife surveying and monitoring.