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In March 2014 the Zoological Research Museum A. Koenig (ZFMK) in Bonn, Germany was approached by Combined Ecology to supply expertise for a rapid assessment of small mammals and fishes in central Sierra Leone. On 17 May 2014 our team of two experts arrived in Freetown to join their local counterparts and field assistants. Despite numerous unexpected logistic challenges in the field and the added complication of having to pull our team from the field three days early due to the worsening Ebola epidemic, we always felt cared-for and informed by the Combined Ecology office staff and their field team coordinator. Communication was excellent. Combined Ecology was very responsive to questions or concerns from the field team and ready to find constructive solutions for unexpected problems. Combined Ecology also provided excellent guidance through the report writing and editing process. We will be glad to work with Combined Ecology again.