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Our team

The BTO employs over 100 people through offices in England (Thetford), Wales (Bangor), Northern Ireland (Bangor N.I.) and Scotland (Stirling). The core team responsible for the managing Combined Ecology and delivering its service portfolio are listed below.

Phil Atkinson

Science Director Combined Ecology

+ 44 (0)1842 768 238
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Phil is both Science Director of Combined Ecology and the BTO’s Head of International Research. He leads the BTO’s international research program, which is diverse in nature but has a strong emphasis on collaborative projects consisting of a mix of research and commercial (e.g. impact assessment) projects.

Phil joined the BTO in 1999 having achieved a PhD in Ecology. Recently his research has focused on a number of areas, such as:

  • understanding the impact of agricultural and poverty alleviation policies on provision of ecosystem services by biodiversity and farmer livelihoods in central Ugandan banana/coffee systems and the cocoa-based systems in Sao Tome e Principe;
  • developing a program of research on the ecology of Palearctic-African migrants on their wintering grounds (with current field projects in Ghana and Burkina Faso);
  • designing surveys and monitoring schemes for birds (e.g. reviewing and developing a new waterbirds monitoring scheme for AGIP/KCO in Kazakhstan);
  • undertaking impact assessments and recommending mitigation/compensation (e.g. Ralphs Bay marina development, Tasmania); and
  • research into how best to create and/or restore intertidal wetlands for waterbirds.

Phil says “much of BTO's science has been to provide pragmatic, evidence-based solutions to applied problems and the launch of Combined Ecology is an exciting opportunity to focus our work on commercial environments. With the backup of 50+ scientists, Combined Ecology has the ability to deliver innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to industry needs.”

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