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About us

Combined Ecology, launched in November 2014, is the international commercial division of BTO Services Ltd. Building on the success of the British Trust for Ornithology in delivering science projects and services throughout the UK, Combined Ecology will enable us to extend our reach into the global market.

We aim to create a balance between the requirements of developers and the protection of biodiversity. To achieve this we have introduce the following guidelines:

  • We work with developers to help them achieve their objectives in line with international environmental standards and regulations.
  • We work with in-country biodiversity specialists to benefit both the individuals and the regional economy.

These guidelines, together with our vision, brand values and internal principles shape the culture and ethical positioning of the business.

Our Vision:

A future where sustainable development and the safeguarding of biodiversity is at the core of good business.

Our Purpose:

Combined Ecology exists to enable sensitive, sustainable development and support the maintenance, restoration, and recovery of global biodiversity.

Our Culture

The culture of Combined Ecology is driven by our brand values:


We work pragmatically with businesses, delivering a first-rate, independent service by combining impartial science with a customer focused approach.


We understand the need for ethical development so work with businesses objectively, but in line with international environmental standards.


We employ and partner with those who are passionate about biodiversity and apply this passion to help customers achieve environmentally sensitive development solutions.


We will work on projects, create innovative solutions and generate funds to further the field of conservation sciences and knowledge.

Internal Principles

Be involved

You are playing a part in helping us all achieve our business objectives; we encourage you to communicate your views, offer solutions and ask questions.

Enjoy your job

You are contributing towards delivering a first-rate service to our customers; we will create an environment where you can have fun whilst doing this.

Develop your career

You may want to develop your existing skills in the role you have or learn new ones for future development within the business; we will support your ambitions.